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EEG Neurofeedback and Mindfulness Meditation
EchoRock Neurotherapy combines brief EEG neurofeedback with easy mindfulness meditation for a neuroAwakening that ends stress.  
The immediate benefit is a mind that is deeply relaxed and contented, yet at the same time bright, clear and effective.

How to Deal with Stress
Every brain has a problem with stress. To survive, our minds keep rehearsing every dangerous thing we ever experienced. Eventually these alarms overload our ability to concentrate in the present moment.

The effective, enduring solution is a brief flash of accurate EEG neurofeedback information. This faint information shows the brain where it is wasting energy on protecting itself from traumas that are past.  It lets go. Then newly- released neurons can easily address the causes of long-standing conditions, such as ADHD, anxiety, and mind wandering.

To make the beneficial changes last, a few simple mindfulness meditation practices help reinforce habits of happiness and efficiency. NeuroAwakening combines neurofeedback and mindfulness meditation for effective, drug-free, enduring relief from stress.

I can hardly believe how relaxed yet clear I feel after just one session.  I have come home to myself” AP, San Francisco

Will neurofeedback work for me or my child?
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More Our seasoned counselors, psychotherapists and advanced meditation teachers have 40 years of clinical experience.  EchoRock Neurotherapy is the principal center for investigation and research into combining advanced biofeedback, brief flashes of eeg neurofeedback, and Vipassana meditation-based awareness training.

We call it neuroAwakening because it exactly parallels what happens in advanced Buddhist meditation. Our trusted professionals know from experience what works for ending stress and beginning steady contentment and happiness.

Medication-Free Alternative Integrative Medicine Treatments
When needed, individuals also receive a custom integrative medicine plan that may also include lab testing for natural nootropic brain supplements, wellness coaching, DNA testing, nutritional support, or counseling.

Call for a free interview to explore whether these treatments are likely to be a success for you.EchoRock Neurotherapy offers advanced Neurofeedback, mindfulness training, health and wellness coaching, psychotherapy, and nutritional support.

We create individualized treatment plans to promote total mind-body health for our clients.

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