Residential Retreats

Neurofeedback Enhanced Meditation Study
NeuroAwakening Retreat, June 25-26, San Juan Bautista, CA

Echo Rock Neurotherapy has been documenting how the brain responds to direct neurofeedback combined with meditation instructions. Numerous case studies show that a few seconds of direct neurofeedback combined with specific awareness practices trigger exactly the pattern of letting go that is described in the earliest Buddhist writings.  In other words, neuroscience may validate the brain’s predictable pattern of awakening that meditators have observed for millennia. Specific markers of meditation progress can now be seen in real time during the few minutes after neurofeedback, instead of over decades.

Clinicians at Echo Rock Neurotherapy have observed that combining a few seconds of direct neurofeedback with classic meditation exercises produces spontaneous results-- beyond what either method typically yields by itself.  Even more interesting, the results  are predictable, and they carry over into daily life:

  • Calm awareness
  • Clarity and confidence
  • Happiness
  • Focus and boundaries
  • Ease in choosing skillful thoughts

These rewards are the natural state of a relaxed brain.  When the brain receives specific feedback about how it is wasting energy on regrets and worries, a lifetime of perceived traumas let go. Awareness settles into the present moment.

After all the years I have worked on myself, I am amazed at how quickly I realized such pure presence and enduring peacefulness, both on and off the cushion.                         
- Leigh Gronet, Landscape Architect

Six years of encouraging case studies have laid the groundwork for the first group neuroAwakeing residential retreat that is open to the public. The $455 weekend includes:

  • Individual neurofeedback treatment and coaching with Grant Rudolph
  • Before and after progress studies of personal biomarkers and positive qualities developed
  • Detailed instruction and one-on-one guidance in the Six R’s meditation method
  • Accommodation and meals in the beautiful St Francis retreat center for 2 full days and one night
  • Option to stay on for a longer silent retreat with Doug Kraft, author of Buddha’s Map

NeuroAwakening gave me the actual experience of freedom I have always wanted.
- S. Johnson, Systems Engineer

This retreat is especially appropriate for

  • People who find meditation difficult because of ADHD, mind wandering, pain or trauma history
  • Seasoned meditators who have plateaued and want to reinvigorate their practice
  • People who have had a spontaneous spiritual experience and want to learn more
  • Technology or helping professionals interested in firsthand experience

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