Migraine and Headaches

Headache and Migraine Treatment with LENS Neurofeedback, Brain Supplements and Mindfulness

At Echo Rock Neurotherapy, we use holistic, integrative and alternative, drug-free migraine treatment to help individuals suffering from headaches and migraines. For each patient, we design a custom combination of Passive Neurofeedback with brain supplements and mindfulness training to help those suffering to control and overcome their symptoms.

Passive Neurofeedback is safe and easy.  It can have dramatic positive effects for those who experience migraines or headaches. Women in particular seem more susceptible in pre-menopausal stages. We encourage patients to schedule LENS sessions as soon as they begin experiencing symptoms. In many cases, a single Neurofeedback session can greatly reduce the severity of the attack or even prevent it altogether. Over repeated sessions, the recurrence and strength of these attacks tends to diminish.

“I was amazed. Twice I walked into his office with migraine symptoms that vanished within five minutes, and were gone the rest of the day.

And not only was the migraine gone, but I had tons of energy!”

—Bonnie A.

What Causes Migraines?
Migraines have many triggers. Some are be traceable to past trauma, like a series of small concussions that add up to mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Other times they are caused by injury to the legs or hands, high fever from a virus, emotional stress, and other past events, which can all be cleared by resetting the central nervous system with neurofeedback.

Home Remedies
If you are able, keep a log of your migraines and look 2 days before your migraine to begin to identify possible causes. Some examples might include: Not enough sleep, dehydration, electrolyte depletion, deficiency of magnesium, vitamin B2 or D, blood sugar imbalance, junk food, food allergies and toxins (like glutamate and aspartame). You are your own detective, searching for clues about how your body wants you to live differently. Draw a detailed map of your pain and bring it to your session.

Other Strategies
While we often recommend LENS Neurofeedback to guide your recovery process, there are several other short- and long-term ways that you can help your body relax and mend itself. The Echo Rock team can help you explore these options:

Nutraceutical Testing
A simple urine test can often reveal imbalances in neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers in your brain and body. Individually tailored supplements often improve moods and sleep. They can also help calm the mind to increase productivity by reducing distraction.

Medication Management
Before your appointment, keep taking your migraine medication if it works. But many common medications also produce headaches as a side effect or rebound. At Echo Rock Neurotherapy, our psychiatrist specializes in managing maladaptive medication regimens.  He has extensive experience with pharmacodynamic genetic testing, in which the bio-compatibility of certain medications specific to your body is is measured. Most insurance companies and Medicare will pay for this test.

Mindful Breathing
We have observed that all of our migraine clients hold their breath in a characteristic way.  People adopt this short-term solution as a way to calm their body. However, over time this “freeze” response becomes a well-defined habit, that can ultimately reduce oxygen in the brain.  In response to oxygen starvation, the body reacts with painful migraines to alert the rest of the brain that something is harming it. Passive Neurofeedback sessions un-train this breathing pattern, while biofeedback and mindfulness training help you build a new health-promoting habit of breathing.

Mindfulness has gone mainstream.  Find a group to sit with, or structure a time and place to be compassionately present with your body’s sensations. Join our Monday evening group, which is free to the public.

Body Work
Osteopathic, chiropractic, and craniosacral work all help restore blood flow to the head. If you haven’t had skillful body work already, ask us for local referrals.

At Echo Rock we give you the tools to know your body so you can let go of pain. Contact us today