Grant Rudolph, MFT and Victoria Vogel, MFT

Our Name
Echo Rock Therapy Center is a cutting-edge integrative outpatient treatment clinic, incorporated as a non-profit in 1986. We take our name from a rock outcropping on Mount Tamalpais that can be seen from the window of our office. We take to heart the metaphor of  Echo Rock as the goal for our practice: To be solid as a rock when echoing back each client’s life story in a way that works for them. We view personal healing as an adventure and comedy instead of a tragedy. Thanks to the latest advanced technologies we can now easily and quickly help most people let go of stress and be steadily calm and clear.

Integrating Neurofeedback
In the 1980’s we specialized in depth Jungian analysis, and still monitor dreams to check the progress of interior change. Our skills grew by teaching our MFT interns how to understand their clients by listening to their own bodies. When a family member with head trauma was restored by neurofeedback, we tried it with our psychotherapy clients. We watched in reverence as the patient came to healing through neurofeedback, and completed counseling in a few short months.  We began to use neurofeedback with all of our patients, and we changed our name to Echo Rock Neurotherapy.

Continued Healing
After 29 years in the same Mill Valley location, we continue to enjoy learning how to be better healers in our practice. We now combine neurotherapy with neurotransmitter and medication DNA testing, counseling, nutrition, positive psychology, and meditation techniques. We have an onsite psychiatrist who helps patients identify unnecessary medications, and we connect clients with effective professionals for individually taylored services like chiropractic treatment, speech therapy, nutrition coaching, and meditation retreats.

Meet the Team
We are excited to meet you and begin your journey of healing. Our directors are also founding members of Spirit Rock Meditation Center — advanced meditators who can guide you from their own experience. We are currently engaged in exciting research about how the benefits of meditation parallel neurofeedback changes. Request an appointment to get started, or read more about Grant Rudolph, MA, MFT and Victoria Vogel, MA, MFT.